The Pentati Village Project

The Pentati Village Project was started in January 2015 with the aim being to improve the tourism interest and the standard of living in the village. Primarily this project is focused on boosting the tourism and revenue in the village but also covers repairs and maintenance through to improving the Carbon Footprint. Boosting the tourism for the village will focus mainly around Cultural Tourism making it uniquely different to neighbouring Agios Gordios and other local villages.

Cultural Tourism is where specific experiences are offered to attract a niche audience of tourists looking for a unique experience in the country of their choice. These events cater for specialist needs or interests – such as art, music, drama, archeology, natural history etc. These ‘courses’ or holiday experiences thereby combine specialist instruction or tuition with many of the normal tourist attractions offered by an island such as Corfu. Pentati cannot compete on equal terms with its close neighbour, Agios Gordios. If it is to be more than just a ‘dormitory’ village for Agios Gordios, then it needs to re-invent itself or at least offer something unique that its bigger and more conventionally successful neighbor cannot or does not provide. This is where cultural tourism can help provide part of the solution to the re-development of this village.

We are working on many different projects to bring tourism to the village.