Placing geocaches in and around the village will put Pentati on the worldwide treasure hunt map and encourage people to visit. Our geocaches will be listed at the bottom of this page as & when they are launched.

What is Geocaching?

This is probably best explained on but in short it is a global treasure hunt with 2,640,401 active Geocaches and over 6 million Geocache hunters (members) worldwide. Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the Geocache (container) hidden at that location. The container can be of any size and would normally contain a guestbook for people to sign, some also contain an item for exchange. Once found the Geocache hunter logs this on the Geocaching website.

There are several different types of Geocache which can be seen here:

Check out GPS and Geocaching 101; link kindly sent to us by Blake who has just started working towards earning his Geocaching merit badge. Blake found our web page on his Geocache quest and in true Boy Scout fashion thought it was a useful resource to share.
7th March 2017

Thank you Blake! :-)

Take a look at; link kindly sent to us by the Girl Scouts of Western Washington in California who are enjoying time spent outside hunting for Geocaches.
24th January 2018
Thank you Girls! :-)

Jenny a self proclaimed Geocaching geek, with over 100 finds to her name, has written an article with a mahoosive 4,000 words 'Ultimate Beginners Guide to Geocaching'!
21st May 2018
Many thanks to Jenny for sharing this with us.:-)

Another great Geocaching resource, found by Trevor from the Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325:
18th May 2020
Thank you Trevor! :-)

Hi from Pentati to the Lake Jennings Boy Scout Troop 325!

Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325

Working on their Geocaching Merit Badge online during lockdown the Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325 have been doing their research. One of their boys, Trevor, found this very useful guide to chare with us:

The Geocaching Merit Badge requires the troop to explain how the Global Positioning System works, demonstrate that they know how to use a map and compass and finally, with a supervised adult, embark on their own geocaching hunt!

Shouting Out to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington!

Girl Scouts of Western Washington 

A big thank you to the Girl Scouts of Western Washington in California for the useful Geocache resource link, we have added it to our Geocaching page. We wish you many fun hours of Geocache hunting, keep an eye out for Pirate Muggin' Oggin Molley!!
Yarrr... me hearties! ;-)

Pentati recieves best Geocaching Resources Award!!

dietspotlight geocaching resource

We are delighted to have been awarded one the best Geocaching Resources by Paula Canessa the Director of Research at

Pentati Pirate Muggin' Oggin Molley begins his voyage

The first of our pirate geocache trackables Pirate Muggin' Oggin Molley left Pentati with Wetterberichtskugel today. Where will they take him? Which treasures will he discover on his travels?

Pentati Pirate - Muggin' Oggin Molley