Meet the Pentati Village Project Team

The Pentati Village Project Team currently consists of the people listed below, all of whom are local to the area and have a common interest to revitalise the village both in the short and long term. By using the unique skill set and personal experience of each team member to its full potential we will be able to achieve our goals. That is not to say that we do not need other team members! We do! If you think you would be interested and have something to contribute please let us know. There will be various projects that we will need help with from the local community to be able complete, more details of which will be posted on each project page.

Spiros MerianosSpiros Merianos - Mayor of Pentati
Representing Pentati village and its residents  



Claire HaasClaire Haas - Project Manager
Project planning & co-ordinating, administration, website development & management

Company Owner of


Thomas HaasThomas Haas - Film & Live Stream Specialist
Technical, vision mixed live streams, film & documentary productions

Company owner of


Join The Pentati Village Project Team

We are always happy to welcome new team members. If you have something to offer to the project (even if it is only your time!) please send us an email: