Road Repairs

Broken road in Pentati, Corfu, Greece

Road Repairs are paramount! Once the activity projects are in place we will progress to options for funding applications for the desperately needed repairs throughout the village.

The village of Pentati is in desperate need of road repairs and we are trying to raise the funds for this locally.

We plan to repair the stretch of road running from Paramonas through (and around) Pentati to the edge of Agios Gordios.

We are also organising fund raising activities such as the Pirate Treasure Trail and events for the holiday makers and the online souvenir shop for after sales.

We will keep you up to date with developments on this page.

Another part of the road fixed in Pentati

Another part of the road in Pentati has been fixed. A huge thanks to the village mayor Spiros Merianos and his helpers for their hard work.

More of the road in Pentati fixed today

More of the road in Pentati fixed today. Well done to the village mayor (again!) for a hands on job!